FREE Early Education

FREE Early Education is available for all children from the funding period after their 3rd birthday, until they start school.

Please Note: The funding entitlement is 15 free hours per week during the normal school year of 38 weeks, so in total 570 hours per year.  Because the nursery is open all year we provide approximately 12 free hours per week in order to give the same 570 hours per year.

The funding periods are:

1st April – 31st August

1st September – 31st December

1st January – 31st March

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We will arrange the funding and will provide parents with the necessary paperwork which needs to be completed and returned to us before the deadline.

North Somerset Council – information about  3 & 4 year old free early education

FREE Early Education for 2 year olds is available for some families.  Parents have to arrange this through North Somerset Council– please contact your local Children’s Centre for more information.

North Somerset Council – information about 2 year old free early education