Matters taken into account in deciding which child can be offered a place in the nursery are:-

  1. GVHDN_WsM (95)Availability of spaces taking into account the staff/child ratios, the age of the child and the registration requirements.
  2. Parents placing children for work study commitment.
  3. When the application is received (extra weight is given to those who have been on the waiting list longest).
  4. The nurseries ability to provide the facilities for the welfare of the child.
  5. A child wanting a full-time place will usually have preference over one requiring part-time only.
  6. Extenuating circumstances affecting the child’s welfare or his/her family.
  7. Children who are siblings of those already with us.

We never have discriminated, and have no intention in the future of discriminating, against any child on the grounds of sex, race, religion, colour or creed.

Your child cannot be put on the Golden Valley House Day Nursery waiting list until an Initial Registration Form has been returned to the Nursery.