Newsletter April 2016

Please ensure you close all doors behind you to allow us to continue keeping your children safe.

Fees & Meals

We would like to politely remind you that your are required to pay for all meals and your child’s fees even if they are absent due to holiday or illness. This is stated within your signed contract with Golden Valley.


Pre-School Children

Please could you send photographs for your child’s ‘All About Me Books’ if you haven’t already done so.


Learning Diaries

We hope that you have all had a chance to look through your child’s learning diary and enjoy recognising the achievements your children have made while they are here at Nursery. There is a section in their for your comments and we would really appreciate it if you could complete these sections as regularly as you can. Your children may also want to look through their diary’s and may comment on their photo’s. Please share these with the staff or write them into the ‘my comment’ section of the learning diary.


Could we also politely ask that these diaries are returned to the Nursery in a good condition. Our practitioners take pride in recording all children’s achievements and learning and this is more achievable with the help from you and the condition they are returned in. Thank you!


Parent’s Evening

We thoroughly enjoyed meeting with you at parent’s evening and sharing your child’s learning and progress. It would be great to receive some feedback. A short questionnaire has been attached and we would really appreciate it if you could take some time to complete and return it to the setting.


We would like to apologise for any parent’s evenings appointments that had to be cancelled or for any parent’s who were unable to attend. Please speak to your child’s key person who will be happy to organise a suitable date and time for you to meet.


Spare Clothes

We are running short on our spare clothes for boys and would like to ask you all for any donations. If you are able to donate any boys clothes to us please give them to a member of staff. All sizes of clothes are welcome!


We would also appreciate any donations of underwear for both boys and girls.


Bank Holiday Dates

We have included our closure dates so you can add them to your diaries:

  • Monday 2nd May 2016
  • Monday 30th May 2016
  • Monday 29th August 2016



We are sad to say goodbye to Katie who has left Golden Valley. We wish her all the luck for her future.


Home Learning Activity

Our children have been learning about people who help us in our community. You may have already heard them talking about our visit from our police officer. It would be great if you could continue to talk about the people who help us with your children to help develop their knowledge and understanding.