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The Building

We are based in a large detached Victorian house near the centre of Weston super Mare. The Nursery is easily accessible on foot and by car. Safe off - road parking is provided at the front of the building. The area by the front door is gated for the safe arrival and departure of little ones.

The Building

0-2’s Playroom

This room is for our youngest children who are aged from 3 months up to 2 years. A maximum of nine children can attend here at any one time, with 3 staff members keeping it small and cosy. They have a large play room, half of which is carpeted for easy movement and broad - based activities, the other half is vinyl flooring so the children can explore messy activities and enjoy their mealtimes. There is also a separate sleep room opposite, all on the first floor. The staff in here do lots of sensory activities with the children to encourage them to explore and develop.

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2-5’s Playroom (Green Room)

Children from 2 to 5 years are based downstairs, the playroom tends to be where the children start and end their day. Here the children have a choice of lots of different toys and materials to explore. There is always a writing and math’s table available, alongside a role play area in this room.

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The Quiet Room (Red Room)
This room is fully carpeted and is nice and cosy if the children just want some time to relax and reflect or enjoy some story books. This is where we take the Pre-School children (children who will be leaving to go to School the following September) to do a range of more focused activities, e.g. phonics, letters and sounds, their ‘All about Me’ Books, practice their pre-writing skills, number activities etc. After Lunch this room is then our sleep room so we provide sleep mats and blankets for the children so that they can have a lie down and go for a nap if they would like to.

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The Art Room (Blue Room)
Here the children aged 2-5 years paint, play with sand, play dough, and be creative by, for instance, cutting, sticking and junk modelling. They can be as creative as they like and can take part in either the planned adult-led activity or create their own learning and explorations.

The Art Room


The Garden
At the rear of the house is the enclosed garden where children can explore a range of activities, including, running, skipping, jumping, splashing, riding on the bikes and in the cars, playing basketball, digging, growing vegetables and fruit, balancing, having adventures in the playhouse, climbing, building sandcastles, painting, singing, having picnics, listening to stories, hoola - hooping, and always enjoying just simply being outdoors!!

The Garden


We regularly take the children out of the nursery for supervised outings with your prior consent. Outings are planned to ensure childrens safety is paramount.
We have an exciting range of outings, such as the beach, one of the local parks, the annual Air Show, the local shops, and the pier etc.